EXFO PPM-350C PON Power Meter

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Exfo PPM-350B BPON / EPON / GPON Series Power Meter    

  • Optimized for EPON and GPON Architectures
  • Pass/Warning/Fail Indicators with 10 Threshold Sets
  • Simultaneous Measurement and Display of all PON Signals
  • Filtered Measurements
  • Distinct Power Values for Each Signal (1310 nm, 1490 nm and 1550 nm)
  • Two-Port Pass-Through Configurations
  • Full OLT-to-ONT Communication While Testing.
  • Simply Connect the Fiber and Read the Results
  • Extended-Range for Testing at the Central Office (CO) and Before the Splitter
  • Go-Anywhere Versatility


The Exfo PPM-350B BPON / EPON / GPON Series Power Meter are test instruments specifically intended for FTTH and FTTP systems. They are the ideal tool for FTTH/FTTP service activation and troubleshooting. The PPM-350B series optimizes network reliability by measuring all PON signals to ensure they meet established standards. The PPM-350B series offers pass-through connection for ONT signal measurement and simultaneous measurement of all PON signals, filtered detectors for individual measurement of each wavelength, and upstream burst detection at 1310 nm.