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Yokogawa AQ1200 MFT OTDR Features:

  • HE English + European languages
  • D UL/ CSA standard
  • Optical Connector - USC/SC type
  • Find a fiber break point easily and rapidly
  • Manual Loss test using light source & optical power meter
  • High power measurement
  • Loss measurement with LS & OPM interlock
  • Work as Master & Slave using the communication fiber
  • Measurement result storage and report output
  • PON Optical Power meter
  • Multi Fiber Measurement Function
  • NEW - Trace Analysis Functions
  • Visible Light Source
  • Multi Fiber Measurement Function
  • 1 Year Warranty

AQ1200 Models

Compact chassis yet fully equipped with field testing functions the AQ1200 Multi Field Tester OTDR is a compact and lightweight handheld OTDR optimized for the installation and maintenance of optical fiber cables. Designed with ease of use in mind to simplify field testing, improve work efficiency and ensure qualify results. Seven models are offered, each with unique wavelength(s) based on their specific application.

In Passive Optical Network (PON) System used in FTTH (Fiber To The Home) it is important to quickly and correctly find a fault in the drop cable that is installed after the splitter. The AQ1200 MFT OTDR's PON measurement mode is a mode optimized for the measurement of PON with a high-port-count optical splitter and can ensure a quality waveform even if there is a big loss of optical splitter in the line. With a short dead zone, the AQ1200 can distinguish connectors placed as closely as 0.75 m in FTTx, home or office networks.

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